Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Than Bass....A Bass Playing Revolution!

The revolution is on! Do you notice that bass playing in the world [and I do mean the world] has taking on a whole new life. The instrument has become a solo instrument! Much to the chagrin of guitar players everywhere LOL. We are now more then support players for keyboard and guitar players. 10 years ago did you ever think that we would be leading bands and doing solo performances. This is just amazing to me and obviously it has raised the bar for all of us. I knew this was coming when I bought my first 6 string bass, having had experience learning Classical guitar music as a child I knew right away that your standard six string guitars pailed in comparison to the tone and versatility of our subcontra basses. That is why the video I want to share today is such a great example of the revolution. This is the gentleman that won the 2007 Euro Bass Day Competition. He takes us from Classical to Baroque to Ragtime in just one song. The revolution is on and you have to ask yourself are you part of it!

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allenf said...

Great find. I totally agree. Though there have been many great bass player through the years, I like to count myself as one, it has only recently the world has started to realize what we bassist have know for years. I hope the revolution continues and gets stronger. Another good example is the bass player for The Blues Traveler. If you haven’t heard him, take a listen. A lot of good things are going on there.
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