Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mark King Level 42 Bass Solo

One of the things I love about the online video sharing websites is the influence it has on young players. What we are exposed to as young players is programmed into us at a very critical time. So you have to think, if we have players like Mark King, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten and on and on, that were never influenced by the access to these videos what will the young players of today be like 20 years from now with this kind of learning tool. I brought this up to a friend and he thinks that they will not be any better and maybe even not as good. His theory is that we have become a culture of watchers instead of a culture of creators. Interesting thought, I hope I am around for decades to come to see for myself.

Check out one of my favorite videos of Mark King from Level 42. I noticed it has 914,068 views as of this morning. That's a lot of influence on a lot of players.

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Bass Lessons Online said...

I have been teaching bass for over 32 years and have found that, yes, generally the proportion of assimilation and creation (resulting in quality output) to that of "studied" material has decreased among young bass players.

But even I am guilty of contributing to this phenomenon through providing bass lessons on You Tube and a complete online bass lesson course.

I have found, however, that those truly gifted bass players that are also willing to put in the effort do make use of online advantages that were not available in the past.


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