Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Strangest Bass I Have Ever Seen!

OK, I have seen some wacky custom basses in my time, but this one takes the grand prize. I guess this thing is playable, it does not appear to be a prop.

If anyone knows anything about this bass please leave a comment. I would love to know more details about it.


Clemen said...

That would be Stig Pedersen of the Danish rock band D.A.D.
He plays 2 string basses and sometimes even 1 strings.
I think he tunes them E-A but it might be A-D.
Check out some of his other basses:

Ryland said...

Hey man -- just stumbled across your blog and the next thing I knew 2 hours had gone by as I'd watched the videos you've been posting.

Cool blog, please keep it up!


howtoplaybass said...
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Bassist said...

What in gods name is that?

Chris Tarry said...

This is amazing! Totally hilarious. I put a link to you and a post of the pic on my blog. Thanks, it totally made my day!

Chris Tarry

Guzzo said...

You're right! That's the wackiest bass that I've ever seen.


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