Monday, April 6, 2009

Billy Sherwood Now Endorses Spector Basses!

Billy Sherwood of Circa, YES and World Trade fame has inked a deal with "Spector" to endorse their basses. Great player, great basses!

Here is Billy's post from the forum "Keepers Of The Flame"

Hello Friends,

I was contacted by the folks at "Spector" and have been asked to endorse their basses !! I endorsed them in the late 80's during the Word Trade days {you can hear my custom Spector 8 string and Spector fretless on there}. They make great instruments and have been doing so for years... I attached a pic of the shot to be used for adverts etc... Far left is my one of a kind custom made purple 8 String Spector which Chris actually used for "Fortune Seller" on the dreaded "Open Your Eyes" record he he... in the middle is my red fretless 4 string Spector which I used on "Fight To Win" for WT1 and many other projects over the years and the newest addition to my collection, the black stain 4 string Spector which I just received 2 days ago !! I plan to play them in the upcoming CIRCA: DVD we are working on as well as any Hybrid shows {Bobby Kimball + Circa: + Matt Brown}. I recommend these basses to any one looking for a great axe and I am proud to be have been asked on board to suppport them. They heard the CIRCA: Project and my solo cd "At The Speed Of Life..." and reached out to me as a result, glad I mixed the bass LOUD !!

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