Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld Bass Duet New York 2009

Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld play a bass duet at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza April 10 2009. At one point early in the piece, Tal Wilkenfeld moves Jeff Beck's fingers out of the way as they both reach for the same note.


Hardcore 101 said...

Brilliant. The end is better than the beginning,which is rare in a duet. Put down the base and come over to Davis Monthan and check out our new Hardcore 101 location, for extreme sports in Tucson.

Truth Hurts said...

Jeff Beck just aint got it no more (maybe he never did as far as jazz goes) and resorting to some gimmicky "cute girl on bass" is a device better left to crappy punk rock bands. Wilkenfeld has some potential but is not there yet - there are literally hundreds of unknowns here in LA who would eat her lunch.

Truth Hurts Sucks said...

And they are probably still unknown because they have the same attitude you do. Obviously you were not given the opportunity to be raised around your shows.

Heard Becks new album? Our Tal's solo work? Get over it!

Anonymous said...

Tal is great! Tal is hot! Tal is all "Truth Hurts" is not!! What a snob. Stick to the skin flute you loser.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Good for her, and Good for Beck. Gimmick or not, if it helps sell out venues, it's good for the industry. Remember, as a musician, you need to stop playing to your peers and start playing to the ppl that put food on your table. In many cases, less is more.

Anonymous said...

I Don't really know much about Jeff Becks bass player, I Spend more time playing than i do reading articles about people playing, it just not my thing.... But, When you say "Beck Just don't have it anymore"..... That leads me to believe that you are Really Jealous, and even more ignorant. You are sitting at home on the net while Jeff Beck is.......
1. inducted into the R & R Hall of fame.....By Jimmy Page
2. listed as one of top 15 guitar players of all time.... By Rolling Stone
3. Has his own Model Guitar.....By Fender
4. Will put more asses in seats at one show then your entire career.
5. Has played with almost Every Guitar/Bass/Vocal/Drumming/ "Great" of his time
6. Has a way hot and talented bass player
7. Jeff Beck Is know all over the world. You are just and unknown in LA, like the 100's you mentioned.
8. That is all

Rob Welsh said...

Tal Wilkenfeld is an exalent Bass player, fits Jeffs style very well, also she plays an ash J With an maple finger board, Ive seen her also play in a SVT Tube 8-10 cabs, Shes got the look, style,low end punch and what it takes, Take it from a National act level bass player of 36 years.


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