Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tucson's Own Mike Levy - Fusion Bass Solo

Check out Tucson's own Mike Levy and his bass solo from the Prime Example DVD. The song is "Steppin' Up". Neamen Lyles on sax, Arthur Migliazza on keys, Doug Davis on drums. This band, with a new drummer and keyboardist, plays every Thursday night at the Sheraton on Grant and Rosemont so if you live in Tucson get out and support these guys.

Mike Levy's Profile on the Tucson Bass Player Forum



Anonymous said...

This is what this blog should be about, "Tucson" bass players, where we're at, how to help each other out, tips, pointers, good bands to play for and maybe not play for. Let us NOT sound like all of the "lead guitarists" and "Frontmen" that moan, bitch and complain about other bands, venues, etc. Walk into any guitar store, where are all the people? In the Guitar section, everyone thinks the cool person is the guitar....I disagree.

The Tucson Bass Player ;-] said...

Great comment Anonymous [great name by the way], actually when I started this blog a couple of years ago I had no intention of it being about Tucson Bass Players. I am the Tucson Bass Player, if you started a blog you could call it the Anonymous Bass Player and it wouldn't have to be about anonymous bass players. Just means it is your blog. That being said, check out our forum The Tucson Bass Player, now that is everything you described. Check it out at

celticfirefighter35 said...

I can't log in to the tucson bass player.ning. The standard tunin question will not accept my answer no matter how many different ways I enter it. Help?

Tucson Bass Player said...

Thanks celticfirefighter35, it's a new security system and we are working out the bugs. They had us use commas. I just removed the commas so the answer looks like this E A D G try again and please let us know.!


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