Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Own a Fodera? You Can Come to Victor Wooten's Nature/Bass camp

Fodera Guitars, founded in 1983, have quickly become the “Stradivarius” of bass guitars. Creators Vinny Fodera and Joey Lauricella are already legends in the elite world of luthiers. Fodera’s craftsmanship, beauty, sound, and playability, is now the model for which many other companies pattern their instruments. Fortunately, as fate would have it, Victor and Fodera’s love affair started in that first year back in 1983. The rest … is history (or the future.)

Fodera Camp is the opportunity for ALL Fodera owners to come together for the first time to celebrate as one. Join Vinnie, Joey, Victor, and other Fodera users from around the world to share, learn, play, (and brag about our instruments.)

Join us for:
· Fodera artist concerts everyday
· Lessons and classes with world class Fodera users
· Building and maintenance workshops with Joey, Vinnie, and the Fodera staff
· See some of the first Fodera instruments ever built
· Unique B/N Camp workshops and exercises
· Prizes, giveaways, great fun & food
· Join Joey and Victor for their birthday celebration
· And much, much, more!

Criteria: Must own and bring a Fodera instrument.
Dates: September 6 – 11, 2011
Age: All ages.
Place: Wooten Woods Retreat
Cost: $1,250. (price may change)

For more info visit Vic's Nature/Bass camp Link


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