Monday, February 21, 2011

Are There Really Any Wrong Notes on The Bass?

Lately I have been getting writers block. No, not when writing here in my blog but when soloing.Now my current job with Tucson's premier variety band GRIND does not require much soloing of me [and maybe that is part of my problem] but I do have one spot that I play almost every night. And it seems that I have begun to over think every note, position and theme that I play.

And I know better....there really is no wrong notes, I should not fear any note on the bass. And I was reminded of that this morning when I was watching this video of my good friend Anthony Wellington. Anthony has a great attitude and approach to teaching bass as well as thoughts on life in general. Watch the video and when you get a chance make sure to check out Anthony's website Bassology.Net.


Jack said...

No!, at victor wootens workshop he did an amazing solo with all the "wrong notes". he also managed to do a bad solo with all the "right notes". Proof that there are no wrong notes, its all about the groove!!!

And can you check out my blog?

The Last Bass Player said...

Surely there can be no wrong notes on this most low and gentle, deep and wonderful instrument? It is as the rhythm of the heartbeat of the collective unconscious; the sound of snow falling densely on a blanket of velvet; a... but I am getting carried away. There are, of course, no wrong notes on the bass guitar, it is a silken thread in this beleaguered world and a sanctury of all that is peaceful. Love the Anthony Wellington video; class bass player.


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